The new healthcare approach

Healthcare Solutions
Founded in 1989, Software Team operates exclusively in the field of software for HEALTHCARE.

With its own solutions and through inter-company agreements, Software Team can satisfy the entire spectrum of ICT needs in Healthcare, combining the great specialization of the partners with the reliability of a single interlocutor for each project.

In cooperation with Mindray Medical, a leading company in the cardiorespiratory monitoring sector, Software Team have developed SmartLink, a remote management system for monitoring patients data.

The alarm messages are managed by SmartPager, a Medical Device certified paging system.

SmartLink uses SmartCom as a data acquisition platform.

In cooperation with Noemalife, a leading company in healthcare software, Software Team managed the Dasilab package, software for the automation of analytical laboratories.

SoftwareTeam is the company that created SmartCom, the most advanced middleware for the management of biomedical devices.

SmartCom is based on solutions for Analysis Laboratories and Points of Care, for wards, for nursing homes for the elderly, for telemedicine and remote patient assistance to patients.

In regards of the integration with the SISS (Social Health Information Service of the Lombardy Region) SoftwareTeam has created SmartSISS, the only solution independent of the management software used.

SmartGate is the solution proposed by SoftwareTeam to easily bring information to patients and doctors. An electronic signature and distribution system of encrypted reports via web and e-mail, combined with SMS notifications and communication reserved for specific categories of patients (TAO, …) make it very easy for the patient to interact with the healthcare facility.

Software Team is present on the Italian and European territory. In Europe through Mindray Medical distributors. In Italy with the “Software Team Points”, specialized centers able to provide first level assistance, specialist assistance, consultancy.                                                                       

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