Fit4Wellness Palestre is Co+Fabb’s gym.

Here below all the services it offers:

• 300mq of FItness dedicated spaces
• A specific room of 70mq for gym courses
• A various and funny course program
• A complete and functional room with fitness equipment
• Changing rooms with showers

Fit4Wellness offers a complete and functional equipment room, with latest generation and high quality equipment, cardio equipment, weights, racks and much more and staff always present, trained, qualified and at complete disposal.

Fit4Wellness offers MILITARY FITCROSS and all Fit4Wellness packages include n. 2 sessions with a dedicated professional personal trainer.

1. full assessment of your fitness
2. body check
3. planning for achieving your goals
4. wellness tips
5. dedicated training program
6. 2 lessons of Military Fit Cross (if you choose the only SALA (equipment room) subscription)

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