The Urban Social Coworking

A place open to a plurality of innovative companies and small production units.

Innovation hub

Co+Fabb stands on the frontier between digital innovation
start up, craft 2.0 and traditional sectors.

Productive community

A productive community, a collective "superimpresa" where to become great through collaboration and exchange of ideas and opportunities.

Creative & collaborative space

More than 4000 Mq of productive collaboration in a stimulating, innovative and professional environment.


total working space

A space for
innovative and creative companies

Co+Fabb is a shared work environment for start-ups, innovative companies, freelancers, creatives and new artisans.


Here are some of the main services provided by Co+Fabb. Guests are also provided with access to intangible services. To discover all the services click on the button below.

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About US

Co+Fabb is not only a workplace but a pleasant place to work! Great location, friendly people, a place to have lunch (and not only) very inviting dishes, a gym where you can train and vent the tensions of work and much more...

Marco Valerio Francone
CEO & Direzione commerciale - MV Consulting

We are in Co+Fabb for years now, we have grown as a company and as people, in an environment that has been able to favor us at best. Excellent infrastructure to work, with leisure, relaxation and physical activity, we could not ask for more!

Alessandro Casale
Project Manager - Websin s.r.l.

Co+Fabb is a coworking that offers many services: meeting rooms, restaurant, gym and common areas where to experiment. The companies that populate it in addition to being high-level are all collaborative. The thing that is unique though is its cutting offices; isolated spaces where to work and do business

Andrea Antonelli
CEO & Founder - Orwell
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