Co+Fabb is a coworking space of over 4,000 square meters that hosts about 30 companies and different services, including a bar/ canteen, a gym and a digital printing company.

Co+Fabb is a shared workplace for start-ups, innovative companies, freelancers, creatives and a productive community where to become great through collaboration and exchange of ideas and opportunities, people and services.

A real innovation hub, in Co+Fabb local companies can find skills, projects, abilities and new tools for manufacturing 2.0.


New workplaces, such as coworking, offer to professionals
and companies not only a physical place but also, and above all, an innovative and stimulating ecosystem, with benefits, services and opportunities.

The building, situated in Via Carducci 39 hosted PLLB, a company that worked in the telecommunications and fiber optic control systems’s sector. After the bankruptcy of PLLB, the building remained empty for some years: the economic crisis and the difficulties of the real estate sector did not allow to replace a failed company with a new medium-sized company.

To give new life to that workspace, it was necessary to rethink it completely: no longer a single production unit but a place open to a plurality of innovative small businesses and small production units. Companies, but also freelance and creatives.

In recent years, new dynamics have come up that were full of potential, such as the increased interest of companies in doing networking: in fact, business networks have increased and the workplaces are also changing.

In particular, “radical” innovation has been extended from the digital sector to manufacturing production sectors: the appearance and consolidation of new “material” technologies (such as 3D printing, open hardware, laser cutting, etc.) have led to a new industrial revolution and a radical reorganization of manufacturing.

Here it is where Co+Fabb places itself: among digital innovation, start-ups, manufacturing 2.0 and traditional sectors.

Co+Fabb’s logo

The winning proposal of the competition, that involved 128 young creatives, is that one of Marco Tabbita, 24 years old boy from the south of Italy: it was super simple, direct and almost pop!

The logo was created taking into account some basic principles:

• Readability • Innovation • Impact
• Nice and comprehensible even for those who do not have specific skills related to reading logo codes

«In order to represent Co+Fabb’s “shared work” and “productive community”, I decided to make the brand compact, because every workgroup is based on a principle of compactness and solid union. You will see the absence of symbols or pictograms and this is in order to let Co+Fabb be a brand itself that can enclose, thanks to its reputation, all that represents and will represent», said the young creative.

The goal was in fact to make Co+Fabb a real brand.

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