Stefania Russo is a promoter of change, facilitator and mediator of conflicts, in groups and in educational projects for adolescents.

Educational-family consultant and counselor, with a socio-constructionist systemic approach, freelancer with public bodies and cooperatives in educational activities for adolescents and within schools in listening desks, in schools and associations with children and adults, and with single people.

She gives assistance to new mothers, to accompany them in postpartum, a delicate moment in a woman’s life and she also collaborates with groups on social issues, migration and violence, with social volunteering.

She has experimented with great results home interventions and “domestic family counseling”, that have benefited from difficulties in relationships and has emotional frailties during COVID.

She often use tools and techniques that can help others connect with their own self and calm the noise of the mind to bring out the nature within us, making sure that body and mind can re-balance and live in harmony with each other in the Hic et Nunc. “Here and now without delay”.

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