Centro Sviluppo Brevetti

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti, the partner for innovation.

CSB is a private and independent service company, operating throughout Italy since 2011, which aims to develop innovation.

He deals with patents but actually develops two main branches of activity:

  • They offer support for the owners of an innovative idea to develop their innovative project optimally and faster, in order to have an economic return.
  • Support to companies in finding financial resources, including non-repayable ones, to finance innovative projects and business development.

Centro Sviluppo Brevetti offers strategic and financial consulting services that allow entrepreneurs and companies to improve their level of competitiveness by developing a process of concrete growth, both economic and planning.

CSB, also thanks to the integration with Cogent srl, a company that has been working with SMEs for over 15 years, offers a coordinated set of “Tools and solutions for the market” aimed at identifying new customers, getting to know their competitors, analyzing the potential offered by the markets outlets and select new markets, optimize the commercial structure.

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